CRM Platform

Since the CRM platform has been successfully used by more than 100+ Developers and Real Estate Agencies, we continue to grow in retail, automotive, service and education sectors.

Trust and security

Keep your data secure and compliant & Build on the same infrastructure Google uses (GCP)

Easier to adopt & use

Accessible anywhere and anytime by mobile or desktop. Intuitive interface and simple

360 degree customer

Connect with customers on multi channels and details customer journey from online to offline
Special for Industry

CRM Platform is developed for specific industry, adaptable and flexible for business process of each Industry

CRM for Real Estate

CRM for Automobile

CRM for Retail

CRM for Education

CRM for Spa & Beauty

CRM for Pharma

Keyword to Phone

Insights into what happens Before, During and After a call

Facebook tracking

Connect with customers on multi channel

Know insight your customer behaviors

For Real Estate industry

TWIN is leading CRM offering for the developers and agencies, the intensive services such as shopping cart, sale event.. completely designed specifically for Real Estate business Vietnam, something that the international software can not provide.

For education, retail & automotive industry

TWIN is offering a new concept of CRM to the industry leader companies. CRM is not just a call, email, text messaging, CRM will provides 360 degree information about the customer as our CRM is connecting with Google, Social channels and especially Bigdata.