Most popular questions

1. Can I have the demo for O2O/ CRM centre services?

Yes, please tell us a little about your business and we’ll connect you with a scheduling expert.

2. Can't I manage application administration on my own?

Don’t worry 🙂 O2O will help enterprise know which is the better Ads channels, therefore increasing/decreasing budgets for specific channel.

3. Are there are any further profits of Google Cloud vault function?

We have enough things to worry about, so it’s a huge benefit to know GCP is a highly secure platform. With features like encryption at rest for all data and the ability to build out service clusters in completely private IP environments, GCP makes it easy to improve security.

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4. Will I get absolute control over my data with Google Cloud/ Private Cloud?


Take advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that Google uses to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices.

Security products

Meet your policy requirements and protect your critical assets with our unique security products and capabilities.

Transparency & privacy

You control how your data is used and shared. We share details about our infrastructure, operations, and what’s happening with your data.

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5. Is technical support available 24/7?

Premier phone support is available 24/7. Standard Support customers are provided phone support for Severity 1 issues during designated business hours.

6. How easy it becomes to manage IT infrastructure in CRM platforms solution?

Our CRM using Google Cloud Platform help to eliminate operational complexity and manage your infrastructure.

7. Is data confidentiality also maintained during the process?

With TWIN Software Solutions, you can stay reassured of any risks linked to data extraction from tapes by external parties as we firmly follow the controlling agreements governing data security. Also, no data loss ensured and hence your data remains intact without any alteration whatsoever.

8. What rote data center services play in transforming current data centers?

Importance of digital technology is soaring with every passing day, and under such circumstances, the way of managing the data plays a crucial role in defining the set goals. Importance of digital technology is soaring with every passing day, and under such circumstances, the way of managing the data plays a crucial role in defining the set goals. In such a lively scenario, there is a constant need for someone who can transform customer’s data centers into strategic properties.

9. Is there any way to speed up the development of my project?

Our goal is to finalize each project as soon as possible but to maintain optimal workflow, and we need to have our whole development team busy ahead. Do not forget to plan as well. This way you will avoid stressful situations and lower the risk of the missed deadline.

10. What is the average waiting time for fixes?

In the vast majority of cases, we go ahead with the fixes of your software within no longer than 24 hours from the moment of obtaining your remarks. Repairs require time, but we do our best to reduce that time to a minimum. Please note that our developers do not just stand by while our customers are checking the software – they are assigned to other projects. Plan, and you will avoid any stressful situations, especially during the BETA phase period.

11. Can you create an enterprise level solution for my resellers or business clients?

We offer our services to customers with any budget and needs, including large enterprises with sophisticated demands. Dependent on your requirements and the scale of the project, we adjust our methods to maintain your standards and meet all your expectations.

12. Can you prepare a documentation for my clients and staff members?

Proper documentation of the critical aspects of your system is essential nowadays, modern business. It enables you to make the best use for each new piece of software effortlessly and carry out comprehensive training for your employees. It can also be prepared to present and explain to your employees how to use your new system or a specific tool.

13. I have an idea for a new module release. Can you develop it and add it to your offer?

We are used to saying: “Nothing can stop a great idea” or “A good idea is priceless.” If you have a well-thought concept for a new module, then you are halfway to success. Now you need skilled and experienced developers like ours who will work with a strong passion and full dedication to reforge your idea into a ready product.

14. Can you ensure the compatibility of your software with next versions of my systems?

Frequent updates of base systems are simultaneously a blessing and a curse. They may give you sleepless nights, especially when you have 3rd party solutions implemented in your base system. The last thing you want is to be stuck between the necessity to upgrade and risk losing stability and postponing the updates endlessly causing a very negative impact on both your security and competitiveness. Luckily, we have a solution for this.

15. Will your software comply with my strict standards and security policy?

We are aware of the fact that you cannot afford to lose your precious time and reputation. You need to be entirely satisfied that the code of your software is secured, optimized and merely flawless. You want us to follow even the most strict guidelines and standards of your business. You want the top of the line services only, no compromises. Here in TWIN Software Solutions, we understand that completely and we can rise to the challenge.

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