What are O2O check-ins?

A person does something meaningful in the offline world. They walk into your store; Or eat at your restaurant; Or sign a contract for your services; Or buy a bottle of your soft drink. That’s great! But you are curious — was this action influenced by something in the online world? Such as a click on a search ad or a YouTube video view? O2O check-ins will help you satisfy that curiosity!

Why choose O2O?

You are worried about investing in digital marketing because you don’t know if those clicks have anything to do with your commission earnings… Don’t worry! O2O solution will help businesses know customers who have just visited your stores or have purchased an item are the one who had seen your Ads before.

Controlling Marketing Budget

Help enterprise control the money spend for Ads, be able to know which the Ads bring revenue at stores

Understanding Customer Behavior

Understanding customers since they visit websites until purchase, their online activities, they appear in the store and come back

Optimize Online Advertising

Help enterprise know which is the better Ads channels, therefore increasing/decreasing budgets for specific channel
How does it work?

By collecting and link the Online, Offline data sources, O2O let you know the customer journey since viewing ads until purchasing an item at store

Online Data

when customer search Google, visit website, click to banner ads or engage with Facebook page

Offline Data

including sales orders from POS, customer interaction via CRM, call center system, sms, scan qrcode, access to wifi …

O2O have many other offline  tracking points to adapt to different business

Wifi tracking

Once customer access your wifi, O2O system can identify if this customer have visited your website 2 days ago ?

SMS tracking

Another good reason so customers will click to your URL on SMS you send to them. Ex: Warranty info, order info ...

QR code tracking

Help to identify the man who scan QR code have visited your ads yesterday. We need find a good reason so customers willing to scan your QR

Call tracking

O2O also let you know 500 calls you received today are from which ads. We need some integration to your Call Center System