Online to Offline (O2O)

Our solution is your answering to remove the gap in the digital age. Make the best used for everything you have done before and jump to the next level of integrated marketing communications

Online Data

Correctly estimate the footprint of your customer journey via multi-channel online. Accessible to tracking database through the digital tool and instantly updated on your system.

Offline Data

Recognizing your customer identify and get in touch with them in every single moment. Improving performance in the search engine optimization for individual profile and segmentation.

360 Customer View

Building the high personalization Ads performance in order to create more opportunities to matching the selling point in the customer journey.
CRM Platform

Along with data collecting we offer customer built CRM based on the platform of our successful Twin CRM for real estate, used by over 100+ major real estate player in Vietnam.

CRM for Real Estate

CRM for Automobile

CRM for Retail

CRM for Education

CRM for Spa & Beauty

CRM for Pharma

Data Management Platform

The official partner of Google Cloud Data solutions provides data management tools which are attesting by Google Cloud Asia Pacific.