Data Management Platform

Collecting and merging data fragments about your audience from a variety of online, offline and mobile sources allows you to identify your audiences and refine your messaging to create more meaningful connections and run more successful ad campaigns.

Who need a DMP and Why?

In an effort to increase marketing ROI, marketers, advertisers, and agencies have increased the number of the campaigns across many channels. The result is poor ROI caused by low engagement.

In order to solve this ever-growing problem, companies need to stop trying to reach more people and start trying the reach more of the right people, and a DMP helps them do just that.

DMP can be used by advertisers, marketers, and agencies to optimize their media-buying processes. However, even companies that don’t operate directly in the online advertising space can still greatly benefit from a data-management platform.

Benefits of Using DMP?

By collecting and utilizing first-, second-, and third-party data, advertisers can increase their chances of displaying relevant ads to the right, and often highly engaged, audiences advertisers and marketers can optimize advertising costs and improve campaign ROI.

Beside, advertisers can discover new trends, identify and fix conversion drop-offs, and better understand their audience and behavior and analyzing the data also helps create customer segments, which, in turn, will help increase sales. This can be achieved by evaluating past purchases, what visitors click on, their preferences, and how well they respond to certain offers.

By collecting and analyzing user data from a range of sources (online, offline) and from difference devices, companies can create a 360 Degree Customer View, that allows advertisers and marketers to directly identify their users, thus allowing them to get a better and deeper understanding of their users, their behavior, and how they interact with their brand.

What are you missing out on without a DMP?

Build a Data Management Platform based on Google Cloud Platform